Saturday, July 15, 2017


      This blogger has been associated with 9 Annual Meetings of the United Methodist House and the joy and togetherness of the board members, House supporters and guests are what makes the UM House the stable institution it is.  

Our song leader

Thanks Judie

     Our chaplain rejoiced in the celebration and added some thoughtful moments during the week.

Holly and Ken

Our guests:

A 4th favorite

Jersey boys

Mounting excitement

Always a smile

Painter and spouse


Dewittville darlings


Nebraska artist

Never a dull moment

What a joy

 A relaxing John

Sunday worship

Old friends

  BREAKING NEWS:  Nancy Richards has released her new book on the UM House: The Story of the House and It's People.

     If you would like a copy the price is $10 at the House, or $15 mailed to your door. Make checks payable to the United Methodist House, Chautauqua.  Call the House for more details. 716-357-2055

     These three first ladies of the UM House were heard to exclaim, "You need to buy this account of 125 years of the House."

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