Friday, July 7, 2017


     Time stands still at Chautauqua and the 4th of July activities personified that statement.  The Community Orchestra on the plaza; the little children flag waving parade around the fountain; the 'Overture of 1812' with paper bag explosions and the torches lit around the lake with accompanying fireworks are just a few of those memorable but remarkably similar events each year.

     At the United Methodist House a remarkable chaplain, Don Messer, director of the Center for Health and Hope: Focusing on Global HIV and AIDS, was challenging the assembled on topics such as 'Fence Movers in a World of Borders', 'United Methodism: Is Schism Inevitable?' and 'How do we break the church's silence about sex, stigma, human rights and the struggle against AIDS?'  Fireworks from our house!  The conversation was intense, educational and very compassionate.

Don and Bonnie

      Our guests:


Saturday dinner

Our APYA students

Lady liberty

'I swan'

House supporters

California beauties
Porch friends

     The 4th of July at the UM House!

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