Friday, August 18, 2017


     It seems that there is a communication problem in this country but that was not a factor in the UM House programs this past week.  Bishop Peggy Johnson and her husband Michael led discussions on controversial topics in a display of civil discourse not found in today's communities.

     Our guests for Week Eight:

Week's activities:

Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Quartet

             Westfield Tea Group

Kool and the Gang

Zoe, our Connection Student

Thanks to the APYA students for their presence on our porch while at Chautauqua.

Friday, August 11, 2017


     Following the previous week of  'humor' we entertained a topic of equal importance, 'fear'!  As this blogger said at the chaplain's chat, "fear not, for you are on the UM House porch!"  However, there are legitimate causes for alarm in our society as stated by one, Shaun King (Black Lives Matter).

      Representing the element of 'warm peaceful hospitality' was our chaplain, Dr. Heather Murray Elkins of Drew Theological Seminary.

Our Guests:

What beautiful smiles

The Hills of West Virginia

Returning due to special request

 La Hoya Lady

Butler Buddies

Week Seven Activities:

Charleston Activist

Birthday girl

Awesome Alice

Youth performers ice cream social

Porch friendships

Tea from Lakewood

Knitting for Peace results

Bella Fleck

Glenn Miller Band


Anxiety release:

Friday, August 4, 2017


     Comedian Louis Black challenged Chautauqua with this statement about the theme COMEDY for this week.

      Hugh crowds were seen at all venues this week including our UM House porch.  Chaplain Brooke Newell added humor to a sermon, porch chat & parlor conversation.

Brooke & Caspar   

Our guests:

The Islanders

Family Reunion

Friend from the beginning

Remembering Helen

Activities for the week six:

Lois Minnigh's Memorial

Capital Steps

Ukelele Cuz

Kamau Bell at the Amp

Breakfast with the Motet Choir 

Sarah sings a song of Peace

Our girl Zoe

Indian Falls Tea Party

Lucy's Festival

Nicki knitting

Cheney girls

More Cappuccino?

Punch Brothers on Popcorn Friday


Parlor humor


What a wonderful week of humor; we needed this!

Two Irishmen leave a bar...